Full Moon Design Hostel Reviews

2If you’re planning a trip to Budapest, you’ll need a room, where you can stay while you’re in the city. Assuming you prefer a place providing inexpensive food and lodging, you should probably require the services of a hostel. The Full Moon Design Hostel is one of the several choices, available to you in Budapest. In order to see if it’s suitable for you, you’re advised to check the Full Moon Design Hostel reviews below, and decide for yourself. If you are ready to book, just click here.

Described as “being in the heart of the city”, and “very well located”, the hostel is positioned close to the main train station. Shops and restaurants are in the vicinity, so necessary food and supplies can be acquired within minutes. The location of the Full Moon Design is considered one of its strongpoints, and is also a key reason for several guests to choose this particular hostel among the rest.

Value for money
The ratio money/service is the most important one for customers. The average opinion here states that the hostel is “very good for the price”. Apparently, the payrates are below the quality level of the provided services, which makes it attractive for travellers of all kind. And this is the main reason people prefer hostels over hotels.

The service and cleanliness
Reviewers frequently mention the clean rooms and environment. Many people confirm that their beds were cleaned every day. The building itself is relatively new, so everything there is well maintained and this reflects in the form of positive feedback from the visitors. Also, the cleanliness factor holds an average approval rate of 95% on several review sites. For reference, most good and clean hostels maintain a rate of 90-91%, which means the staff really takes their job seriously.

The staff
Staff is noted to be very friendly and helpful. Several guests describe staff members, who distinguished themselves, as “awesome”, or “amazing”, and then share the positive impressions of their service. The staff’s devotion is supported by the fact that representatives from the hostel take time to personally answer and address the various online reviews.

Visitors are offered a variety of facilities. Reception and Security operate during the whole day. Free internet is available, cable TV is also provided. There are safe deposit boxes where guests can keep their valuables. A nightclub is located below the hostel. Bicycles can be hired as a personal means of transportation through the city. Several reviews praise the key card access and improved security.

The atmosphere
The atmosphere has received some approval, as well as some criticism. The modern building with easy access to shops, ATM, cheap restaurants, and other facilities is counted as a plus. Being a big hostel, all kinds of people come and go, which forms a dynamic environment and opens opportunities to meet new friends. But numerous guests complain about the club in the area. The loud music at night is reported to disturb their sleep.

No major restrictions or curfews are imposed – entry can be made at all times. Taxes aren’t included, and this may lead to financial complications when paying – people should add 4% to all payments. On the other hand, credit cards are accepted, which some guests mentioned to be very convenient for them. The hostel has a 1 day cancelation policy – reservations can be cancelled 24 hours prior to the scheduled arrival.

The summary
The Full Moon Design Hostel is obviously a viable option when staying in Budapest. Despite minor inconveniences, like the loud music at night, people still consider it a “great place”, which they will “definitely visit again”. With friendly staff working extra hard to keep it clean, combined with reasonable prices, the hostel is suitable for the practical travelles, who seek to get the most value for their money, while enjoying their stay.